PTP Illustrators

Allison Sinclair

Allison Sinclair is the designer of the Pear Tree Publishing Haunted Pear Tree Logo. She is an artist from the New Hampshire seacoast, with a BFA in Illustration, who loves simple yet elegant design with a dash of whimsy. Her preferred mediums are charcoal, pastel, and digital painting in Photoshop, though she is trained in many more. She is inspired by the nature that surrounds her, the children she has nannied for in the summers, and her grandmother’s zany creativity. Besides making art she loves reading, learning languages, and traveling. Allison Sinclair

Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson is the designer of the Pear Tree Publishing Double P “Printing Press” Logo. He is an exceptional photographer and designer. Chris is primarily self taught through experimentation with a variety of traditional and digital photographic tools and materials. When not creating photo-art, Chris offers services in photography, architectural design, digital imaging, and graphic design/brand development.

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